Sunday, April 15, 2012

My FIRST blog post!

Well, well, well... I have given in. I've officially converted. I am now- a blogger. It's funny- when Jared first started using different social media outlets I gave him so much crap. I swore I would never get Facebook (you can look me up- Frances Kilkenny or Fitwithfrances), Twitter (follow me @FKilkenny) or have a blog. Well- look at me now. SMH. Sometimes you just have to surrender.

I am a mother of two, I have an amazing husband. We currently live in Gainesville, FL- although New York City is where our hearts will always be. I LOVE to cook and bake (especially cupcakes... yummy). However, all that baking led me to gaining 60+ lbs during my pregnancies. :( I have recently began on my journey to fitness and losing the 'baby weight'. I'm still new to it all, but I have definitely seen some progress. I've come to realize that weight loss and a healthy life style aren't just for those who are lucky.. but for those who work their asses off for it ... literally and figuratively.

The purpose of this blog is to basically provide a way for me to share my life and experiences. To talk about my personal life and things that I discover along the way- and to also provide a way to share my story- including my weight loss journey and how I REALLY feel about eating clean and sweating like a pig.

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